Friday, 19 August 2016

First week at SFO!

Welcome to SFO 2016-2017!

During our first week we welcomed the new students and said hello to those we already knew. We also welcomed two new staff members that will be part of the SFO Team this year, Miss Daniela and Mr. Anastatios. We are excited to share our afternoons with music, games, stories and friends.

This week we were lucky to have a bit of summer here at AIS. We used this time to play outside and get some vitamin D. Some of the activities we tried this week included table tennis, Foosball, jumping the rope and a bit of soccer.

Every day at SFO will start with lunch, followed by an indoor activity. We play board games, puzzles or do a bit of coloring. Afterwards, the kids will do a planned activity such as dancing, chess, singing or sports. When the weather allows we will spend the last hour of SFO outside and then get ready to go home.

We want the children to have fun with their friends and have a good time here at SFO!

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