Thursday, 19 January 2017

Drawing exhibition and competition

This week at SFO the students were asked to submit a drawing made during the SFO hours for a competition. They worked on their coloring and then we put the finished work up on the wall for everyone to see. Then, each student was encouraged to vote for the drawing they most liked and that drawing would featured on the blog and win 5 house points.
The winner will be announced Monday January 30th. So far, the students seemed eager to vote and to guess who was the artist behind the winning drawing. All the students that submitted their art for the competition will be awarded a house point too. 
During the outside playtime we have been playing on the ice, sliding and hoping for some snow to be able to use our sleds. 
On Wednesday, some kids went to their skiing lessons, so after they returned we relaxed and had a movie night at SFO! Here are some pictures from this week:

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