Thursday, 1 December 2016

Welcome winter!

Winter arrived with a big snowy storm and here at SFO want to make the best of it. This means that we will be spending time outdoors, so remember to pack warm clothes and appropriate shoes! We will also start re-decorating the SFO room since it has been home to some nice fall and Halloween decorations for the past weeks. We will start working on snow and ice crafts to incorporate this time of the year into our daily activities. Some of our crafts are already in place at SFO and we will continue to work on more.

Today we are also starting our "12 days of caring" project. Everyday, the children will work one a simple task to show their peers, family and school that they are caring individuals. On the first day we will write little notes to put in lockers of kids to brighten up their day.

Welcome winter!

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