Tuesday, 11 October 2016

SFO Autumn Camp

During the Autumn holidays, our school's SFO ran a camp where the children focused on outdoor activities to enjoy all nature has to offer during this time of the year.

The SFO campers had a really nice experience and contact with the nature. During the week we walked into the forest to learn and play. There, we had a bingo game where the children found different autumn-related items. We also collected leaves, pine-cones and sticks. The idea was to make our own forest in the SFO class.

We also visited an apple orchard where we collected lots of red, green and yellow apples to eat. They were delicious! However, the most difficult part was to walk forty-five minutes to the farm. That sounds exciting!

Then, we payed a visit to a local day-care or barnehage. Here, the children performed one of the songs that they learned at school, we shared our apples with the children and staff and we played with their animals. We got to give apples to the barnehage's pigs as well!

Finally, we walked to the library in Asker and made our own buttons. On the last day we relaxed at school and baked Guaguas de Pan which are traditional Ecuadorian breads that are common during the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

During the camp the children had to prepare their own lunch and they did crafts and art projects as well. All of the children got a certificate at the end of this fun week!

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